Our Designers


By Apichat

Apichat started making candles in late 2017. The goal was to create a candle harmonized    with his personal way of life, slow is better.   “Inside-out” and “Outside-in” should have equilibrium point for life, he believes. With natural organic soy wax, cotton wick his fragrance blends are inspired by nature and travelling experience that connects the sense  of smell, well personal feeling and being altogether.


 By Boon 

Boon embraces every stage of the bag-making process–from weaving the base fabric, to selecting the finest leather for a carefully crafted design. Boon went to Italy where she learnt the art of bag making. Returning home she found further inspiration in the local culture of textile weaving, thereby creating a marriage of Thai heritage and Italian craftsmanship.


 By Toom 

Toom is a young designers working with only local communities making ancestral print and fabrics. Her goal is to shape, design, reinvent all the traditional patterns to be sure that we can wear it in a modern way. Her motto "Support us support the locals". All her pieces are made by hand and by heart. 



 By Jeab & Pramort

After marrying Pramort and Jeab traveled throughout north and northeast Thailand meeting local craftspeople, sourcing handwoven cotton and studying the intricacies of dyeing and weaving. Jeab believes that “it’s Thai style to make people happy.” They shared a passion for artisanal village handcrafts, design and colors which is made each of their piece unique. 


 By Prem 

Prem created his fine silver jewelry and lifestyle accessories brand in Bangkok, inspired by his love in rich tradition and culture of Thailand and other Asia country,and the essence of nature and spiritual realm. His design is a tribute to honour and celebrate life, nature, and style. Each piece of Prem accessories is crafted with the finest craftsmanship and highest-grade materials. 


 By Warunee 

Warunee designs simple and super feminine basics. She makes our everyday life smoother than ever with her collection of dresses, t-shirts, jumpsuits which can be wear at any occasions depends of the accessories that you mix with it. The fabric is a mix of coton and viscose which make it super soft and runny.  We have built together a special collection of Dame Pach's essentials.


 By Nung

Nung's bedsheet are made in organic thai cotton and dyeing with natural colors in their family atelier at Sukhothai. She said "everything is handmade and heartmade" that's why they are so comfortable for sure. The only issue the difficulty every morning to leave your bed but is nothing compare with the amazing feeling that you have every night when you return to it. 


And to all the other ones that make our collection moving all the time with very special and unique crafted pieces.