Our Designers

Apichat               Toom                        Prem  
Boon              Kate 

By Apichat

Apichat started making candles in late 2017. The goal was to create a candle harmonized    with his personal way of life, slow is better.   “Inside-out” and “Outside-in” should have equilibrium point for life, he believes. With natural organic soy wax, cotton wick his fragrance blends are inspired by nature and travelling experience that connects the sense  of smell, well personal feeling and being altogether.



 By Boon 

Boon embraces every stage of the bag-making process–from weaving the base fabric, to selecting the finest leather for a carefully crafted design. Boon went to Italy where she learnt the art of bag making in Florence and Milan. Returning home she found further inspiration in the local culture of textile weaving, thereby creating a marriage of Thai heritage and Italian craftsmanship.