Ton Lai Bag Nung
Ton Lai Bag Nung
Ton Lai Bag Nung
Ton Lai Bag Nung
Ton Lai Bag Nung
Ton Lai Bag Nung
Ton Lai Bag Nung

Ton Lai Bag Nung

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The Ton Lai bag is made from all resources available in Khun Montri local community: the reeds of the plant called "Ton Lai" which grows in the same field of rice, silk and indigo. 

The bag is made by crafters and at the same time farmers who works on all steps of the bag's creation. You are in the middle of the countryside, it is magical. 

Each bag is made by hand. You need  around 5 days to make one bag, not included the plant drying process of course. 

For this design we made only 2 pieces. 

  • Ton Lai bag
  • Silk weaving
  • Height : 25 cm approx.
  • Length : 31 cm approx.
  • Width: 15 cm approx.
  • Shoulder handles: 45 cm approx. 


  • No washing machine please

This bag is a real special, unique, super chic piece. More a city bag than a summer bag. Time to replace your leather bag by an ethical plant-based bag. 

  • Free delivery in France 
  • Free return in France if the piece has not been used our worn

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Dame Pach in Bangkok is an ultra comfortable closet to accompany you through well-being every day. Pieces are made in very small quantities with natural materials enhanced by local know-how that allow us to create unique interiors. More than a brand, a way of living and working to create an unique universe and look.

Dame Pach in Bangkok's motto "From local to town". We mainly work with artisans engaged in the transmission of local savoir-faire. The goal is to re-learn how to create in connection with our environment, with our hands on the rhythm of the sun or the monsoons.