About us

Give sense to your living space and your dressing by jumping in the slow fashion scene with young designers using responsable materials and ancestral savoir-faire to shape unique pieces 

Dame Pach in Bangkok concept-store is a love story between Marine Forbin and Thailand. She fell in love with people, savoir-faire, fabrics, and smiles during her 5 years of expatriation in Bangkok.
When she comes back to France she wanders why this country that produces its own cotton, its own raw silk and have so many natural materials which can be shaped or braided is mainly known for its infamous elephant pants?
Why people who have so many unique skills such as natural indigo dyeing,  such as mudmee weaving, such as silver shaping then have not flooded our decorative shops and dressings yet.
And then everything is clear. You just need to observe their way of life. For Thai people well-being is a central value and it is achieved through family time, Buddhism and sharing few Singha beer in the street.
 No stock, no rush, no panic in front of a red cushion that may become pink tomorrow. The creation of unique pieces according to the craftsman mood, the fabrics’ fall that we will be reused or the forgotten cotton thread in a pot of indigo.  It was  just awesome.
A way of living and working close to our desire to consume differently, to offer something different too.  Another rhythm that follows the monsoons. The production of really small quantities that we can renew all the time with different patterns and designs.
So Dame Pach in Bangkok is born, “Pach” for the French and then the Thai nickname of Marine. She imagined a concept store that makes you travel with her through the Thai provinces but more especially discover a new mindset.
Take the time, come and then come back again to find the piece you really like. Be curious about other cultures, ancestral beliefs and local communities and savoir-faire. Buy les but better with eco-friendly and ethic pieces. Create your own universe or look, something unique, special, built little by little through encounters, trips, treks, smiles and love.