Apichat Siam Blend
Apichat Siam Blend
Apichat Siam Blend
Apichat Siam Blend
Apichat Siam Blend

Apichat Siam Blend

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Siam Disc blend reminds us of Thai traditional ceremony like Songkran. The combination of the well attractive memorable smell of jasmine and sour citrus. Great to bring a fresh and calm mood like being at home.

  • 100% of natural soy wax 
  • Double cotton wick
  • Blending with premium grade of essential oil and fragrance
  • No chemical and dyes added
  • Lighting time: approx. 19 hours per candle
Blend: Siam Disc (Jasmine & Citrus)
Atmosphere: Traditional

The benefits of soy wax:
● Environmental friendly
● Long lasting, better scent
● Natural source grown
● Low melting temperature
● Cleanly burn, no black soot
● Be massage oil with melted wax


Escape from your living room ! Let's travel together 

Apichat is handcrafted & hand-poured soy wax candle maker, lover and supplier with “makes atmosphere yours” intention.


  • Free delivery in France from 60 euros purchase
  • Free return in France if the piece has not been used our worn

Please let us know via email damepach@damepachinbangkok.com or directly on our Instagram or facebook accounts 


Dame Pach in Bangkok is an ultra comfortable closet to accompany you through well-being every day. Pieces are made in very small quantities with natural materials enhanced by local know-how that allow us to create unique interiors. More than a brand, a way of living and working to create an unique universe and look.

Dame Pach in Bangkok's motto "From local to town". We mainly work with artisans engaged in the transmission of local savoir-faire. The goal is to re-learn how to create in connection with our environment, with our hands on the rhythm of the sun or the monsoons.